Seoul has entered Aug 5th already – please send your email now!

You can send your email to CODA and its members if you can’t do it on Aug 5th.  Fighting Park Shin Yang supporters!


Due to my personal unavailability of the coming weekend, I have made the email addresses to use for the August Email Campaign ready in advance.  Remember to email CODA, its members and the stations on Aug 5th Korean time (or earlier if you are not available on the 5th).

Have you voted for Park Shin Yang and The Painter of the Wind in SDA 2009 yet?  Not sure how – please see 07.18’s update below.


I have updated the Daum Agora Online Petition active link.  Fighting!!


EC12 sent to CODA and CODA members, cc’ed the 3 broadcasting stations.  We are still waiting for CODA to unban Park Shin Yang.


Another step closer to being unbanned.  The last sign happened in April / May 2009.  Then the production company of SBS and MBC ended their membership with CODA.  This current sign reviewed itself at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009.  This event is currently open for votes in 3 categories – Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress.  The voting system is hosted on Yahoo!Korea, but is planned by SBS, and are participated by MBC, KBS etc (without CODA).  Park Shin Yang is a nominee in the Best Actor category.  If you recalled, SBS had their 2008 Drama Awards on Dec 31, 08.  Since Park Shin Yang was banned by CODA on Dec 5th, 08, he was not nominated for any award at all with his role in the drama “Painter of the Wind (SBS)” (where Moon won the Daesang (Grand Prize) Award with her role in the same drama).  In this Seoul International Drama Awards 2009, Park is recognized, once again, by SBS and the other TV broadcasting stations to be competing in the Best Actor category.  Apparently, the winning of the lawsuit against CODA (in May 2009) helped and many, including myself, are truly grateful towards the stations’ friendly gestures toward Park Shin Yang.

Park Shin Yang didn’t have the advantages like other Korean nominees with dramas aired in 2008 to be nominated then.  Please show your support to him now – cast Park Shin Yang your vote in this award.  To make your vote count, you have to vote in all 3 categories (click on “Go to Vote” on the left, then start with Drama, then Best Actor, then Best Actress, then confirm you’ve completed the voting).  You can vote once a day per IP.   Fighting!!


August 2009 Email Campaign ready to roll.