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EC11 is sent.  Supporters have started emailing CODA!  Fighting, Park Shin Yang!!


Anxious – the 7th month and the 6th campaign since the ban – fighting!!


Supporters’ Sixth Letter template and email addresses are ready for use.  Please get ready to email CODA on July 5th!


Counter Ban has sent the EC10 email to CODA and its members today (it’s June 19th in Korea) to remind them many are still waiting for Park Shin Yang to return to the TV drama productions.


The Yahoo!Korea’s Poll (44668) is now closed.  The following is a snapshot.

배우 박신양이 2007년 방송된 ‘쩐의전쟁’의 연장 방송 출연료로 ‘회당 1억 7,000만 원을 요구했다’는 이유로 드라마제작사협회로부터 무기한 출연정지를 당한 상태입니다. 이에 대해 여러분은 어떻게 생각하십니까?

찬성13%                   10321명
반대86%             66362명
기타1%                      453명


A total of  77,136 votes were collected.   66362 have voted against CODA’s lifetime ban on Park Shin Yang.  The result speaks for itself. 


A brand new Daum Agora Online Petition is set up – http://agora.media.daum.net/petition/view?id=74983.  Counter Ban will be including votes in this petition in the monthly campaign emails.  Please continue to sign up.   July’s campaign is renamed to reflect a new channel of supporter’s voices.


July 2009 Email Campaign ready to roll.  Daum Agore online petition 69235 is closed.  If there’s a new petition, I’ll add it to this campaign.  Otherwise, the email campaign is a go.