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Seoul has entered May 5th – please send your personal email to CODA now!

CB4PSY has sent EC7  email to CODA, the 3 stations and the media.


There are 2 supporter emails sent to CODA already!  🙂  If you cannot send yours on May 5th, you can do so now!


CODA has some member changes.  But the end result doesn’t affect the email addresses to use for this month’s email campaign.  Link to email addresses posted.


May 5th is confirmed a GO – please join to email CODA that day.   Thanks!


EC6 Follow Up email sent to CODA 


Mr. Park has arrived Japan’s Haneda Airport – a fan has posted a video in the official fan site‘s Japanese section:  2009-04-10 by yasudakayoko usagi38 (message 6459) – Shin Yang Nim fighting!


I have emailed some additional Filipino media today regarding the work here.  Hope this will move some reporters to write a post on this issue. 

There is a new posting on Star News (Korean) on Apr 9th (Seoul time) regarding CODA lifting the ban on the production company, but the ban on Mr. Park Shin Yang remains.  Looks like CODA has given a new story, and by that I think CODA is now playing a legal judge role.   What if Mr. Park  won the lawsuit against this company at the end – does that get Mr. Park’s ban lifted – is this what it takes – CODA?

Supporters, please click on these links (and if you can, write a comment there):

The more people click on these postings, the more you are encouraging the reporter (and other reporters) to write on Mr. Park and his news.  The more people know and talk about this unfair and unjust ban, the better it will be.


Rolled the site over for May 2009 Campaign as the April Campaign is closed.  The May 2009 Campaign has officially started!

I’ve contacted a few Philippine media, and left a message at a Philippine portal regarding the work here.  (Caren, if you see any reportings in your newspaper, do let me know, okay?)


Preparation for the May 2009 – Email & Online Petition Campaign has started.

While I’ll be taking time to slowly churn out the logistics for the May campaign, and hence may not be making updates here for the next little while,  I have a few things to say here:

  1. Let’s cheer Park Shin Yang for his fan meetings (パク・シニャンファンミーティング DANDE LION) at Tokyo (Apr 11) and Kobe (Apr 12) – I encourage you to leave your personal messages at his official fan site: www.parkshinyang.com.   If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for it – it takes 2 minutes. 
  2. Tips to help us.  I have been keeping the past campaign schedules as static as possible.  The email launch date is every month on the 5th until the ban is lifted, or if CODA et al gets back to us!!  Just drop by the site (here) and check on the campaign schedule and its activities from time to time.  Just remember that you have something to do on the 5ths!
  3. If you can be an ambassador to help spread the news of this site, BIG “Thank YOU” in advance.
  4. If you have the skills to do translations (English <-> Korean, English <-> Japanese, English <-> Chinese), please come forward and contact me.  I won’t be able to provide updates in Korean or approach the general Japanese supporters unless I have your help.
  5. If you are interested in becoming a future campaign communications coordinator (volunteer role) – take a more involving and rewarding (i.e. memorable) role in this work, please contact me.  You will meet many nice  people.  If you are optimistic, courteous, calm, careful, responsible, patient, willing to learn and work with me, have good command of English and at least one of these languages:  Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and are not afraid of “WordPress” and “Facebook”, please contact me.  😉