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EC5 sent to CODA / CODA members / 3 broadcasting stations / media – we wished them Happy Spring and asked them to review the ban decision.

Have you sent your email yet?


Seoul has entered Apr 4th.  In less than 21 hours, it will be their April 5th.  Are you ready?



Email addresses of CODA, its members and the 3 broadcasting stations published.

The first email of the April campaign is already sent!  If you can’t send yours on this coming Sunday, you can send it now.  I have updated the cumulative stats on the April Campaign’s main page.

Get your pals to join you on emailing CODA et al – get people to help lift the ban on Park Shin Yang!


Apr 5th email strike is confirmed a GO – we have not heard from CODA by the deadline so we will launch our 3rd email campaign as per the April 2009 campaign schedule.

Email template – your third letter to CODA – is ready for pickup / review – you can ask me questions on how to use the template if you are uncertain.

Email addresses of CODA, its members and the prime contacts of the 3 broadcasting stations will be announced on April 2nd. 


EC4 sent to CODA and the 3 broadcasting stations (Seoul time Mar 19th).  If the site doesn’t get CODA’s reply in a week by Mar 26th, then April 5th’s email action will be on.


CB4PSY’s follow up EC4 email template ready


Responding to 강복희님 nakbh’s call in the official fan site today, I have updated the site’s banner picture (downloaded from:  http://cafe.daum.net/lovepark01).  I like it very much, plus using this picture bonds hearts and minds of those who are with the counter ban force together like ONE.  I hope you like it too!


Happy White Day on Mar 14th, gents!  This is a day you reap what you sowed (on Feb 14th).  May sweetness follow you all your life.   🙂

I will change the campaign result reporting method from April 2009 onward. 

  1. On top of emailing, signing up via the new Daum Agora online petition is now another way to show supporter’s disagreement with CODA’s ban on Mr. Park. 
  2. I will be reporting the cumulative stats of these voices, instead of what is captured new on a monthly basis. 
  3. I will be including the sign-up results from the initial online petition (already closed) at the Daum Agora  which also helped inspired the inception of this work into future stats reporting.  For simplistic reason, all sign-ups at these Daum Agora petitions would be counted as supporters residing in Korea.   This may skew the distribution of the country of the supporters a bit, but this will not void the total count.

I encourage you to join each monthly campaign by emailing and/or signing up on the online petition.  This is one way of telling CODA et al that we are still waiting for and working on the ban lifting monthly, and we won’t quit before the ban is lifted.

Now ad time:

  1. Anyone who can help with English/Japanese translations, please contact me.
  2. Anyone who reads about the news (news article, portal reposting on news, user forum discussion, blog) of Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang on the internet, please send me the url of that news.  I have been gathering these via Google but I may still miss some. 
  3. Please take a look at the links on the right sidebar (‘right’ is this way ———->).  Please click on them and read them.  And if possible, write a comment on these articles.  This is a gesture to indicate your interest on this reporting and you show your respect and encouragement to the writer of this article, and therefore encourage the writer to write on this work in the future.   This helps to spread the news of the work here, and hence helps to gather more people to join the counter ban force.



A Korean fan has set up a new online petition at Daum for Korean supporters to sign up:  http://agora.media.daum.net/petition/view?id=69235  closing on June 5th, 2009. 

This offers an alternative option for the Korean supporters to participate in the counter ban force.  Like your individual email, the signatures on this petition will be their voices and ‘Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’ will bring these voices to CODA et al and media at the monthly campaign kickoff email.  What a great news!  Please spread the words and sign up if you have an account with Daum.

April 2009 campaign name updated to reflect the added method to raise our voices to CODA et al.  Fighting!!


April schedule drafted