This is not new news for some:  the come-back drama is renamed from “Heaven” to “Sign”.  Stay tuned – it will follow the hit Daemul drama. 

Fighting, Mr. Park!


This is tentatively the last email campaign, unless new situation arises and calls for it. 

By joining this month’s campaign, you have thanked SBS for scheduling to air “Heaven”.   Tho CODA still owes Park Shin Yang Ssi an apology, SBS have said “no” to the ban.   Furthermore, per my observation, Kim Ah Joong belongs to a production company which is a CODA member (I don’t know if the production company will remain a CODA member).  It’s a tweak to be unsupportive to the ban.  If the broadcasting station has disregarded the ban, and its member has made a move to counter the ban indirectly, this ban will eventually be dismissed. 

Here, I thank all of you for helping out all along.  Every step,  every help, every campaign email you sent in the past keep this Counter Ban movement on all the way here.   Please continue to vote “찬성” (Yes) in Yahoo!Korea until Nov 7, 2010.

May your heart guide and keep you. 

Park Shin Yang Ssi, fighting!


News has been out that “Heaven” will be aired by SBS.  It will follow “Daemul” and take the Weds/Thurs evening timeslot.  Fans – just wait a little longer.  AZA Park Shin Yang Ssi!


Oct 2010 campaign is ready to roll! 

Just when there is great news that Mr. Park is casted for a new TV drama “Heaven”, there is wicked news that CODA co-signed with the Korean Agency Association to release a statement, opposing Mr. Park’s return, saying that it’s too early and Mr. Park still needs to reflect on his deeds.

Just exactly who is deaf and whose heart is blackened?  Mr. Park’s lawsuit have already been declared by the lawcourts TWICE (initial trial, and appeal by the production company) that Mr. Park has all the rights to claim the missing pay, and the production company has to pay up.

People, if you don’t speak up now to show your concerns and support about this wrongful ban, very soon, when you watch TV dramas, you’ll be watching the by-product of the sufferings of your favourite actors / actresses.  Don’t think this won’t happen to them. 

Korea!Yahoo has put up a poll to get votes on this matter (support Park’s come-back or not):


‘1억 출연료 논란’ 박신양, 복귀선언
一億演出費爭論 朴新陽,回歸宣言
고액 출연료 논란으로 활동을 중단한 박신양이 2년만에 드라마 ‘헤븐’으로 안방극장에 컴백할 예정입니다. 박신양의 복귀선언에 대해 어떻게 생각하십니까?
Do you support Park Shin Yang’s come-back in “Heaven” after his 2 years break from payment lawsuit?
You will see 3 radio buttons:
찬성 贊成 Yes I vote for his come-back
반대 反對 No I am against his come-back
기타(댓글로 의견주세요) 其他意見 Other opinion
After selecting the ** first (Yes I vote for his come-back)**  button,
The blue rectangular button on the left is to send your vote 左藍按鈕確定送出表決
** Click this button **
The grey rectangular button on the right is just to view the results  右灰色按鈕只查看結果
The poll is open until 期限至 2010.11.07
Please vote to show CODA how wrong they are!!! Your vote helps KBS / MBC / SBS etc to decide if they will air “Heaven” or overseas stations to purchase “Heaven”‘s overseas copyright!!