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Updates on Feb 5, 2009

The February 2009 – Email Campaign will be closing on Feb 5th, midnight PST (in 4 hours and 8 minutes).  If you haven’t sent your email, please do so asap.

After that, then what?  You might ask.  Kindly check back here in a couple days to review the post campaign updates and analysis.  Obviously our work is not finished.

See you all in a little while.  Take care and good health.

On the side, I am just aware that today would be Lee Eon’s birthday, if he had not had the terrible car accident last August.  May I suggest we take a moment to remember him and his parents through this post and the embedded YouTube link.

Counter Updates on Feb 4, 2009

Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’s site introduction email has been sent to the same email addresses for the email campaign, with Korean media copied. 

If you haven’t sent yours, please do it now, it is Korea’s Feb 5th already!  Unless you write your own email, you can pick up the email template and please remember to include the Korean text, plus English or Chinese, and remember to replace the country of your residence, and add your name, use the email addresses, then send it away.  Thanks!

An email address previously working is now bounced: Astory Inc. I am checking to see it has updates.   Ooh,  it’s not longer found on the CODA’s member list (checked on Feb 4th, 11:50 am EST).  Actually some others disappeared as well : CJ Entertainment, Jellybix, E&B Stars, ZeroOne Interactive, Ma Yi.  Not sure if the site is under maintenance (CODA cleaning up the list), or these production companies dropped out of CODA, or the production company went belly up recently.

Please note that the email addresses page will be hidden on Feb 6th until the next email campaign.  The last thing we need is an accusation of irresponsibility (if any).  We take one day a month, the 5th,  to raise our voices and remind CODA that there are people waiting for the unjust ban to be lifted.  Please don’t procrastinate – if you haven’t sent your email, send it today, send it now.  Thank you.

Updates on Feb 2, 2009

I have put campaign reminder notes in the official fan site.  Just 2 more days to go, huh.

I have started to think about the post campaign analysis.  How to make this work more efficient and effective.   I am also getting ready to analyse results of the email campaign.  I keep debating myself if I should set up a goal for this email campaign, e.g. expected number of emails sent, 100, 50, 30, 20, 10, 5?  What do you think – how many emails will be sent?

I still content we need translators – we need many, so no one overworks, and most important of all, no one will turn away after reaching this site.   I see many people stop looking at the site after an initial hit:  meaning, they are interested on this matter (help lifting the ban) but stop browsing further and most likely it’s because English is foreign to them.   Can you help?    What about just translating the About page to begin with?  Even 30 minutes a week, that will be good.   Let me know.

I sound like I know we’ll have future campaigns, which is a bit of a cold cheer to the current work, right?  Ah don’t get me wrong – this campaign will be a success!  Reason?  That’s because no one has ever sent emails to CODA et al and asked them on a first-person basis to reverse the ban before this, right (hm, not that I am aware of)?  This is our first strike, and you and I know this is not the last one.  I am just being honest and rational.  (Next I’ll go cry… but you don’t know that.) 

I have prepared an intro of “us” to CODA et al and will be sending it away on our first strike day.  Korea media will be copied.   If you see “us” on Korean news site, be proud of yourself (and please let me know by leaving the url of the news coverage here, okay?) and you know we are one step closer to that end. 

Don’t forget – send your email to CODA on Feb 5th!  If you don’t like the provided email template, write your own email and send away with these email addresses !  GO GO GO!!!  And come back here again for the post campaign stats.   😉

Updates on Feb 1, 2009

I am afraid that the Email Campaign is not very well explained, that someone may not know what to do.  Let me try this:  I have updated the Email Campaign page and have listed the “what to do” in finer details.  I hope this explains better what the supporters can do on Feb 5th (this coming Thursday).  If this is still not clear, please let me know.

Updates on Jan 31, 2009

If you don’t have an idea what to put in the email subject, I suggest this:

박신양씨를 드라마를 통해 있길 기대합니다

Also, unless you have previously sent an email with Korean font in it, I suggest you try sending this Supporter’s Email to yourself first, and make sure you see the Korean text the same way you sent it.  You may be prompted at the send time if you want to preserve the font, and you may have to send it as Unicode (UTF-8)…  play with it using your own email address until you get it right.   Thanks!   🙂

Updates on Jan 30, 2009

Email addresses of CODA, CODA members and the 3 broadcasting stations (KBS, MBC, SBS) for the Email Campaign is available.  If you can afford to revisit here before you send the email, that would be great because I don’t know if there will be any last-minute amendment.   These email addresses are verified (once or twice) to be existing. 

For the angels who helped spread / post this website / email campaign news to other forums, if you need to let the forum know about the email addresses, please post the email addresses’ url, instead of copying the actual email addresses out.  Referencing to the url will ease future maintenance, and hopefully protect the email address owners from getting spam emails (some one just visit these forums and harvest any email address found and use it for marketing purpose).   Ask readers who can’t reach the url to leave a message at the forum.  Then, try to get them to request from cb4psy.communications@yahoo.com “in private” if possible (i.e. try your best not to expose this email address in public forums as well to protect it from spams  🙂  ).  I will email them the address list separately.  Thanks!

Our primary goal is to help lift the ban on Park Shin Yang, not to make enemies.  Yes?   🙂

Get ready for Feb 5th, Korea time – know your time zone.  Kindly revisit Task if you are not sure why you need to know your time zone.  Thanks!

Updates on Jan 27, 2009

Further to the Jan 22 updates regarding email contacts, a few published email from the CODA members’ website are confirmed not working (bounced), and 2 have “mailbox is full” problem – not sure if it’s because of the Seollal holidays or what:

DSP Entertainment (email bounced); LOGOS Film (email bounced); SBS Global Network (email bounced); JS Picture (email bounced); Kim Jong Ghak Production (mailbox is full); Star MAX (mailbox is full)

Updates on Jan 25, 2009

I have posted a message to the Japanese section of the official fan site; with my “worse than my Korean” version of Japanese and English explanation.  I am not sure if the message gets across properly.  Our English-to-Japanese translator will be busy until Feb (earliest), so if there’s anyone who can help take a look (ID 6441) and let me know if the message is “guessable” or not… that would be great!

Thanks JOY and steveanderson for spreading the campaign news to Hancinema and Viikii!  Much appreciated!

Started the countdown to Feb 5th!

Updates on Jan 24, 2009

I have a happy news to share:  we have our first English-to-Korean translator helping out on our correspondance – meaning, those who read Korean don’t need to suffer from my translation anymore!    I have updated our email template.  Thank you Andrew (for recommending and persuading Mr. Kim) and Mr. Kim (for translating) again – we thank you both for taking the time to help! 

With this wind underneath our wings, I have been able to get the Email Campaign news out properly to the Korean sites, and get the translated email text out to other sites.  

Thank you, eveso, for posting an update to soompi!  Much appreciated!

Updates on Jan 23, 2009

First of all, may I wish all those who celebrate the lunar new year:

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Happy Seollal! 

I wish you all a wonderful Year of Ox.  Wish you all happiness and great health!

I have left an all-Chinese message at the official fan site.  I hope this can draw some attention among the Chinese-reading community to partake the Email Campaign.  The Chinese New Year celebration is apparently the most important festival among the Chinese who live in China, so many may be travelling home (from urban to rural) these couple days and they may be offline for a while if their parents don’t have a computer.  I hope I catch them so they know something’s happening.  Tho most of the fans in mainland China can’t access this site, I still wish them a safe travel home and have a great family reunion. 

I did the same with a Taiwan fan site.

I will add a post about the Email Campaign to the English and the Korean section in the official fan site soon.

Updates on Jan 22, 2009 

From the CODA Members list, out of the 39 companies, I got the contact email for about half of them.  There are 20 I have no luck with:

DRM Media, PlanB Pictures (no url), Apple Tree Pictures, SNY Productions, CK Media Works TV (url doesn’t work), iHQ (Sidus HQ), GnG Pro (url doesn’t work),  Eine (no url), Olive9, J2 Pictures (url doesn’t work), K Channel (no url), Jellybix (no url), KDream (url forbidden),  Creative8 (url doesn’t work), PAN Entertainment, E&B Stars, ZeroOne Interactive, DramaHouse (no url), CJM Net Media,  Ma Yi (no url)

Can anyone help here?  Otherwise, I think the main CODA email will relay the messages to these companies.

Updates on Jan 20, 2009

I got two feedbacks on the Korean “translated” text of the email template.  (Thanks!)  Bad news is it’s not proper Korean and some wordings are wrong (but who’s surprised…  🙂  ).  Good news is, tho some places sound funny, but the message comes across.  I am hoping to have a third opinion in the coming few days.

Any daum 카페 users / members of  http://cafe.daum.net/lovepark01 please?  See Wanted #3.

Updates on Jan 19, 2009

I have updated the actions for February 2009.  We will go with the email route this month.  We’ll need more time to work on the TV time-out.   Hence, I have changed the campaign name to simply February 2009 – Email Campaign.

Email addresses for participants to use are being finalized.  ETA: Jan 30, 2009. 

Updated couple related pages w.r.t. scope change.

Still need help listed in the Wanted tab.  Translators, please show yourself; don’t be shy…

Updates on Jan 17, 2009

A email template is added.  This is for those who is eager to help but lives outside of Korea.  Since CODA indirectly implied Park Shin Yang doesn’t have a large enough overseas market (that’s why they ban him, but not Mr. Bae Yong Jun though Mr. Bae’s per-episode wage was higher than Park Shin Yang by about 50%, and Mr. Bae got lucky that he received his full wages from the prod company (ah poor Park Shin Yang)), let’s prove them wrong, shall we?  Use this letter template, and you (yes, you!) can email CODA and KBS/MCS/SBS to tell them that you support Park Shin Yang.  Supporters who can read Korean, please look at the letter and point out any mistakes…  I’ve tried my best, and my best is still very bad.  Now please go read – click here and give me feedback.  I keep the content simple.  The content is as good as it can get, for now; the focus is how many will send them email.  Make sense?  Do feel free to add your own thoughts.  We will not mention about the TV-timeout until our partners in Korea are ready, okay?

One contact email added for stats gathering for actions like above.

Updates on Jan 16, 2009

Consensus building is underway.

Campaign 2.5@9:55P-2  is tracking to “Yellow” status.  As of today, I fail to motivate enough supporters in Korea to know about this campaign and hence the message cannot penetrate wide enough to the audience in Korea, not yet.  e.g. daum / naver do not have news of this, and there’s no petition set up to reflect how many will participate the TV time-out, and fanclub contacts are still unestablished etc.  And if the core participants in Korea are not ready, then we are not in a position to approach the media, and perhaps not even CODA (any thoughts on this?).  One of the contributing factors, I think, is not having English-Korean translation done – my fault – I lack the network and charm, plus I don’t write well and I don’t know Korean.  We can stick to the schedule for Jan 21 without Japanese translation or Chinese translation, but can not without Korean translation.  Status will go back to “Green“ only if :  English-Korean translator is present and have the translation of the material to CODA/media (my estimate is it takes about 40 to 60 minutes to translate) ready by Jan 20 + at least one of daum/naver petitions is set up by Jan 20

After an extremely inspiring email exchange with a supporter from Japan, I’ve decided to slate the Japanese media in for next round.   Make no mistake that we are omitting it – to the contrary, the first Japanese message is put up on the Park Shin Yang official fan site.  This is a very important foundation in consensus building and I thank this supporter for the organized thoughts and efforts.

Keep the spirit up, but not burning hot.   Good health.  Until then.

Updates on Jan 15, 2009

Verification of email addresses in progress.

Media list expanded to include coverage with the Japanese community.  I have someone from the Japanese fan club volunteering to do English-Japanese translations!  (Yay!)  And I am not sharing this with you so I don’t get more translators, you get me, right?  There are lots to do. 

Established contact with the Chinese fan club leader!  (Yay!)  Tho they cannot hit our site, the fans in China will help posting updates on their end.

Email sent to the web master of the official Park Shin Yang fan club as of whether the site can accommodate a centralized location for Park Shin Yang fans – especially those out of South Korea, to sign up and show support to those residing in South Korea, that they are not doing this alone; there is  mob of us morally backing them up and cheering them on – wish me luck on this!!

Did you see what CODA just did???  Please, someone who can translate from English to Korean, please come forward – we need you urgently!   If possible, I want to push the schedule up – I want to distribute the media material with CODA/stations attentioned earlier – while the general crowd (not just Park Shin Yang supporters) is really annoyed on CODA’s double standard – really who gets to manipulate the list of stars who are qualified to get the bonus – that person(s) must be… must be… like a god??  please, English to Korean translators.

Still need help listed in the Wanted tab.

Updates on Jan 14, 2009

Verification of email addresses in progress.

Finalized on scope of  2.5@9:55P-2 

Media Center page added

Media material ready for private review; pls request if you can help to fine-tune the content or help with the translation from English to Korean; please request via email to: cb4psy.translations@yahoo.com; otherwise it will be ready for public on Jan 21.

Updates on Jan 13, 2009: 

Verification of email addresses started.

Initial contact to the leaders of the fan club in Korea and China made.  (Still need contact info for the fan club in Japan).

Material for CODA/broadcasting stations/media initially drafted.

Added 2 more media to the media list.

Still need help listed in the Wanted tab.

Updates on Jan 12, 2009: 

The scope and media contact list of 2.5@9:55P-2  is being finalized.  Stay tuned. 

Wanted page added; you can help starting here!

Replaced reference from Korea(n) Television Drama Production Company Association (KTDPCA) to Corea Drama Production Association (CODA) across this site.

Minor wording updates under Task.  Idea remains intact.


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