February 2009 – Email Campaign (and its history)


On 2.5.2009 (please note time zone difference; Seoul, Korea is GMT+9)

All supporters of Park Shin Yang (which is you  🙂 ): 

copy from the email template  into your email program and paste as a new email,

edit it: 

  1. keep the Korean version (optionally you can select English or Chinese to keep),
  2. remove the rest and the help tips in the template,
  3. modify the country of your residence,
  4. include your name,

pick up the email addresses (of CODA / CODA members and the 3 broadcasting stations (KBS, MBC, SBS)) and put them in “To” of the modified email, and finally

send away this modified email!


Number of Supporter Email sent:  10   

(Last updated: Feb 5, 11:08 am EST)













Thank you for your interests and participation.  See you in the next campaign. 

Good day and good health.