The first Counter Ban supporter email has been sent from Singapore to CODA.  On this anniversary, let CODA see many many emails from Park Shin Yang’s supporters from around the world.  Let’s do this now, so we don’t need to do this again next year.  Fighting!!


I have just checked on CODA’s website.  They have revised their site (in Nov 2009), and I notice a new organizational chart.  The previous General Secretary role no longer exists in the new org chart of CODA – the person who had this role is now one of the Directors.   I need some time to think whether this is a good thing for Park Shin Yang or not.

Anyways, Shin Yang Nim is bringing his career a step forward (or should I say – diversifying and broadening his career field) – he did a sound track for a new Korean movie – Flight, starred by Kim Bum (Dream, Boys Before Flowers).  He will be releasing a new music album soon (news came out officially in his official fan site under the Korean’s Board -> free talking section on Nov 21st; there’s also news coming out in the Japanese section).  This furthered his initial singing effort (in “Lovers In Paris”).  This song was sung in his birthday celebration, “Autumn, 111”.   Keep surprising your supporters, Shin Yang Nim!


Dec 2009 campaign is ready to roll!  As the coming Dec 5th would be one year since this unfair ban’s imposted on Park Shin Yang, what fans and supporters need to do would be to stand by Park Shin Yang and continue to show support to him and his work, and let CODA hear your thoughts out.  Visit his fan sites, watch his dramas and movies, and buy his new music album!!