Nov 5th’s email from the Counter Ban has been sent.  This month, abril helped contributed her thoughts – thank you, abril! 


Park Shin Yang’s “Autumn, 111” birthday party at the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Seoul and the second time winning of the lawsuit have been covered in the majority of the Korean news media today – hope this momentum help lift this ban.

These sites have photos from the party:




Another exciting news about the lawsuit: Lee-Kim Productions who has filed an appeal against the decision from Seoul Central District Court that Park Shin Yang was legally entitled to be paid in May 8, 2009, has again lost in its appeal – a news received on Nov 1st, 2009 (Korean time) – a day which Park Shin Yang will be celebrating his birthday with his fans in Seoul.  A really nice birthday gift, I’d say!    Details see here (in Korean). 

Please join us to help lift his unfair and unjust ban – join the monthly email (Nov 5th)  and send your email to CODA – ask them to reverse the ban, and correct this ban mistake – thanks!!


Email addresses to use for Nov 09’s campaign are published.  If you can’t send your email to CODA on Nov 5th, you can do so now.  Reminder:  use your personal email account, pick up the email content from the provided email template, keep the portions applicable, update your country of residence and include your name, and send this email away to CODA and the stations – tell them you want Park back in TV very very soon and ask them to reverse his ban. 

Nov 1st (the coming Sunday) will be Park Shin Yang’s birthday celebration with his fans (from Japan and Korea) at Seoul.  We wish Park and all a super great time!!!  (Envious here!)


I’ve added some NYIT photos in the Facebook group.  Check that out when you have time.


As most of Park Shin Yang supporters are aware, his fans in Japan and Korea are joining hands holding a birthday party for Shin Yang at Seoul on Nov 1st.  The Japanese official fan site is asking for celebration photos of 1 MB or less, to be sent to the event email box.  Selected photos will be shown at the BD party.  Deadline is Oct 28, 09 (and note that it is Japan time; that means if you live in North America, send your photo before Oct 27!).  For original message (in Japanese), click here.

If you wonder how Park Shin Yang is doing at NYIT, visit the same fan site at check out the two postings on Oct 5, 2009.  Oh it’s touching to see his passion and experience in acting being well received by NYITers – other professors brought their students to sit in at Professor Baek and Park Shin Yang’s class, and students gave him and Professor Baek a round applause as the class wrapped up!  Fighting, Shin Yang Nim!!


Nov 2009 campaign is ready to roll!