June 5th, 2009

Attention to:

CODA Chairman 신현택 Shin Hyeon Taek
CODA Vice President 송병준 Song Byung Joon
CODA Secretary-General 김승수 Kim Seung Su
CODA Members

Broadcasting Company copy:

KBS Drama Director 이응진 Lee Eung Jin
KBS Drama Promotion Team 남철우 Nam Chul Woo
KBS International Relations
MBC Drama Director 이주환 Lee Ju Hwan
MBC International News
SBS Drama Director 구본근 Gu Bon Geun
SBS Drama Promotion Team 경민석 Kyoung Min Seok
SBS Public Relations 박혜정 Park Hye Jeong


Media copy:
Asia Economy, Buddhist Newspaper, CBS, CNB News, DCNews, Digital Chosunilbo, DongA Ilbo, E Daily, Goodday Sport, Hankooki, Hankyoreh Shinmum, IB Times, Internet Korea Daily, Joeun News, jknews, JoonyAng Ilbo, joynews24, Korea Beat, KukminIlbo, Media Today, Mediaus, mydaily, Newsen, Now News, OhmyNews, Review Star, Seoul News, Sportsseoul, Sports Chosun, Sports Khan, Star News, The Christian Today, The Korea Economic Daily (Hankyung), The Korea Herald, The Korea Times, Today Korea, Yonhap News; Asahi, joins, Nikkansupotsu; The New York Times


안녕하세요. Hello.  I am so sorry I cannot provide a Korean version of this letter to you from the ‘Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’.

World Peace!  Given the tense situation initiated by North Korea, may you experience the real peace in your heart regardless of the environment, regardless of what you are facing.  Also acknowledging that the entire South Korea nation is mourning for the loss of the late President Noh, I’ll be brief with this email.

Today co-marks the 6th month since the Corea Drama Production Association (CODA) imposed a permanent suspension on Mr. Park Shin Yang’s involvement in future Korean TV drama productions on Dec 5th, 2008, and the 4th month since this site sent you its first email “서문: ‘Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’ 누구세요” on Feb 5th, 2009.

Many people are awaiting your ban decision on Mr. Park Shin Yang to be reversed.

Supporters’ voices (cumulative signatures from the Daum Agora online petitions (69235 and 63834) and emails) collected up to date (June 4th, 2009, Korean Time): 5821

May I also direct your attention to an active poll up in Yahoo!Korea:


Over 57,130+ voted against this ban on Mr. Park.  This is a pretty commanding public response.

CODA members, please regroup, revote and reverse the ban decision.  Since Lee Kim Production & Company, now a CODA member again, has a conflict of interest on this matter, I urge you to exclude its vote and its participation in any of the discussions, execution, conclusion and its access to any material regarding this revote exercise (including the vote results).

This email will be followed up like the last one sent to you on May 5th and the previous ones:  if we don’t hear from you, in 2 weeks, on June 19th, we will follow up with an email of your latest plan.  If there is no response by June 26th, then we take this as your asking for a 6th campaign to launch on July 5th.

‘Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’ will repeat the campaign cycle monthly until Mr. Park’s ban is lifted.

How we act next is determined by how you respond today.

Please allow me to reiterate that ‘Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’ gives you the time and power to prevent all our actions from happening:  you and you alone can stop us:  announce through the same media / news channels you used for the announcement of the ban news that CODA has reversed the ban decision on Mr. Park Shin Yang – please invite Mr. Park back to partake future Korea TV drama productions at your earliest convenience.

Mr. Park Shin Yang is a South Korea treasure.  Please cherish him.  We wish to hear your good news soon.

Last but not least, may peace be with you all.  Until then, take care and good bye.  감사합니다.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of all the participants of the Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang
Jean So
Communications Coordinator
Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang – together, we help lift the ban on Park Shin Yang