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<한국어 Korean translation>

This blog is created on January 9, 2009 for a fine South Korean actor Mr. Park Shin Yang with respect to his unjust permanent ban forced upon by the CODA (Corea Drama Production Association) (where many Korean production companies are a member, sometimes referenced as Korea(n) Television Drama Production Company Association (KTDPCA)) which prevents him from working in future TV productions.

I have seen many supporters writing posts, creating petition pages to support Park Shin Yang.   Thank you for your efforts!   Unfortunately, the ban is still on.  Our requests have not been answered.  Now I want to escalate your voices one level up. 

This blog has one mandate, two goals and a series of actions that needs your participation in order to achieve its mission.

It is open to all Park Shin Yang supporters around the world (not just his fans, but people who share the same view that Mr. Park Shin Yang has been unjustly treated).  I welcome your thoughts and value your efforts.

This is not a fund-raising site, and all actions are voluntary and unpaid for.  Volunteers share the same vision to achieve these two goals.  Our reward is to see Park Shin Yang’s future drama work and for his name to be cleared.

Anyone just happened to bump into this site or has been invited or referred to by friends, other sites or forums to check this out, who doesn’t know about this man or his ban, please visit this post and continue with the rest of the site.

The site welcomes for comments / suggestions on the Ideas (Tasks).   Your participation is much needed. Let me borrow President Obama’s phrase: “No idle hands here”. Thank you!


Yahoo!Korea poll link (on the right) to vote YES to Park Shin Yang’s come-back –



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198 Responses to “About”

  1. Eve Says:

    Hi cb4py,

    I hope your idea work out but it looks impossible for Feb 5; there are too many things to get organized and to sort out!

    I read from dramabeans, and have posted your link to under Park Shin Yang. Hope it helps!


  2. sahli fouzia Says:

    What do you want me to do ??? Because, me too feel that Park SHin yang don’t deserve this!!!

  3. marbledcloud Says:

    support PSY, bring him back to act in drama series. we love PSY, bring him back to his fans

  4. Simon Lam Says:

    Leaders of the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association in fact are trying to kill Mr. Park Shin Yang as a popular artist in their country. We shall not forgive such intention and call for immediate withdrawal of this unjust ban.

  5. jevnguyen Says:

    i love hiz acting in Lovers in Paris, hope they will withdraw their decision, make hime act again in dramas, i mis him 😦

  6. joan kim Says:

    i’m a fan of Actor park sin yang.
    and agree what you trying to do not only
    wring, talking about unjust thing also we should lebel up against korea drama assosiation.
    actor park sin yang is the best one in korea we shouldn’t leave him like that
    because he is not deserve punishment
    he didn’t do anything wrong. he did right thing~~!

  7. spf Says:

    I think it’s a little harsh for the Korean media to just ban PSY for that single thing he’s done, which was just to claim his unpaid wages (there may be other things happening behind the scene, so please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not all-knowing~). IMHO, the Korean media should look at the bigger picture, and not nitpick over small matters. PSY’s outstanding performance in many Korean dramas have drawn viewers all over the world — according to this source ( he was even invited to lecture at the University of Georgia in Athens!

  8. Melshin520 Says:

    This is truly what you call an abusive use of media power. It’s so unfair for a good actor to be banned permanently just because he just asking of what’s been promised to him which both sides have signed and agreed upon. He so deserve every penny for it since the series gardnered awards and millions of viewers. I hope they will see the errors of their actions and make amends to the great actor.

  9. blumuffin Says:

    thanks for creating this site
    im also a psy supporter

  10. nsnilar Says:

    I support all of you. I’m also his fan. Thanks for creating this site. And I agree what you trying to do not only wring, talking about unjust thing also we should label up against Korea drama association.

  11. Kriane ^_^ Says:

    why do they have to do this to him he was such a fine actor they were unfair…. he has a family to support to so he has to do that and a deal is a deal he was just asking for what was promised to him… of course he just did what he needs to do when the deal wasn’t given to him he worked hard for it…

    and the Korean Drama Association why do they have do ban him for life that’s too harsh don’t they care about the fans that wants to see him? they just care about the money instead of giving the viewer the right kind of viewing… that’s sad to hear they’ve just banned one of the best actor that Korea has… a very versatile actor….

    me I’m a fan of him since Lovers in Paris when it was shown here in the Philippines…. I always wait for his new drama…. but now no more drama with Park Shin Yang? No way!! it’s going to be pretty lame…. that’s why I also want the ban to be lifted as soon as possible and make drama shows again!!

  12. eveso Says:

    It is nice to see things are pulling off!

    I have updated soompi; hope this will draw more force!

  13. jinju Says:

    i’m one of his fans since lovers in paris & i truly believe they’re being unfair to him & ban should be lifted!

  14. steveanderson Says:

    FYI cb4py I’ve updated Viikii (under POTW) ’bout the email launch, and I’ve seen another supporter (JOY) posted a link for this site under re: POTW to air in 62 Central Asia / Africa countries.

    Feb 5 – I am starting the countdown – 9 more days to go!!

  15. jj Says:

    I want to help support psy, I read the e-mail drafted letter, how do I send it?

    1. cb4py Says:

      HI jj, the plan now is for every one to send the email on Feb 5th (Korea time; Seoul is GMT+9, so note your time zone difference).

      I will be publishing the email addresses to use on Jan 31 on this website. Stay tuned and get ready! Help spread the news! Thanks.

  16. jj Says:

    Ok I will. Thank you for putting this together and having the links available for us. I will do as much as I can to spread the news.

    Thanks again!


  17. Mike_He Says:


  18. Yong Says:

    Hi cb4py,

    I will be busy in the next few days, will you allow us to send the email today?



  19. cherryblum Says:

    what is to be done here aside from comments? where do you send the petition or support for PSY?
    Anyway, i support him & i think it’s unfair to do this to him as a person & as a fine actor!

  20. narcissus Says:

    finally,we can do sth to help psy thanks to you!I do appreciate your effort and support for him.I’m not sure about whether koreans regard PSY as ther treasure or not, but as non-korean fans,we do treasure him as a brilliant national image of Korea ! Now,CODA is trying to erase image forever and we simply cannot let them do it! I do hope your campaign will be successful and PSY WILL BE BACK TO US LIKE A PHOENIX!!!!!

  21. sheung Says:

    sheung Says
    I love him so much. He is a great actor. I
    nearly watch all his films and dramas. He acts very well!
    In reality, he is so polite and kind to people, especially the people working with him. (I notice from watching his videos) He is a good man, a good husband and a good father. I am proud of him.
    I am sad and worried because he is treated with this unjust ban. He is punished without doing anything wrong. It is so unfair to him. I will support him!

  22. jj Says:

    Received an error message sending an e-mail. I used the e-mail addresses provided,
    by cut and paste onto my e-mail account.

    Is anyone else expriencing problems?

    Help! Thanks, jj

  23. jj Says:

    I was able to send the email with the new updated email addresses and it worked fine.

    Thank you so much for providing the resources for us, you are awesome! I hope and pray for victory! I only saw 2 dramas of psy and both times he gave an outstanding performances, I just cannot believe this has happened to him. Hoping for the best outcome for PSY.

  24. Ginger Says:

    The KTDPCA is obviously using heavey arm tactic trying to silence anyone who do not follow their wishes. I have not read the whole story but the permanent ban to destroy a good actor’s career is unjust. Would the Korean press help? We should also publicise this unjust decision to the foreign film production association to shame the KTDPCA. I would like to send partition emails to the various KTDPCA members too. Can anyone give me the addresses.

  25. naoko Says:

    i want to make a wish,
    we want park shin yang will back soon

  26. belsys Says:

    Shin Yang, you alway have my support, fight hard! Very soon the darkness will go away and sunlight will shine again.

  27. Ivy Says:

    I get to see some of his drama series here in the Philippines and I totally agree that he’s a good actor. I enjoy watching him. I am not sure if there are other Korean actors better than him but just the same it will be a loss.

  28. fayrouz Says:

    i hope that the decision about permenant banning for the great actor park shin yang would be cancelled because it was agreat mistake from the start,you could have make him pay taxes ,or even threaten him to ban him ,or even ban him temporarily not permenantly because this was really agreat great mistke.

  29. kempton Says:

    The large Chinese news site Sina in China is also reporting this news,

  30. Sarah Says:

    hi Jean.
    i juz known about this campaign, and i absolutely would like to join you for March – Email Campaign.

    CODA had killed one of the best Korean actor.
    Park Shin Yang has gave his best for K Entertainment Industry, he deserved to get what had he did.

    Let’s show those CODA’s peoples ‘THE POWER OF FANS’!! FIGHTING!!~~

  31. anastassia Says:

    Hey! I’m in it. Such a pathetic thing to K-entertainment to have put a waste to a very talented actor like him when some other actor who lack of talent and popularity treated in such a way that they not deserved. This is totally unfair.

  32. KimJiWon Says:

    Hello,I’m ‘지옹냥’
    I can’t speak English very well, so I will explain in Korean. I hope you’d understand.
    저도 해외팬들의 캠페인 소식을 듣고,대만의 팬사이트인 ‘’ 사이트를 들어갔지만,한국사람이라 가입할수 없었습니다.한참을 헤매던중 박신양닷컴에서’cp4psy’님의 글을 보고 여기까지 오게 되었습니다.제 힘이 닫는곳이라면 무엇이든 할테니 cndjr774@naver.com로 메일을 보내주세요.영어나 중국어로 보내주셔도 괜찮습니다.

  33. geny Says:

    i am a fanatic of mr park what do you want me to do just let me know

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello geny,

      Thank you for your offer; much appreciated! Kindly take a look at the Wanted ( tab and see if you can help. Otherwise, we are awaiting for the Go/No-Go deadline for the March email campaign. Please do join us on Mar 5th for the email campaign, and help spread the news.


  34. blumuffin Says:


    in behalf of his Filipino fans we thank you for starting this email campaign to lift the ban for psy. truly, a great actor like him doesnt deserve that. rest assured of our full support on this online petition.and again thankyou so much for starting this
    we miss shinyang ssi a lot!

  35. Lourdes Says:

    Well I hope their will be progress for PSY this year2009. He deserve what is due to him ,why not compromise . This guy is a good talented actor who went abroad to study he has more class . I have been researching his background ,he is classy and i have watched all his movies and TV series he is just a good actor ,what a waste in the movie industry just to dump a good actor who has all the potentials,come on we are waiting for his new movie and Tv series…so far these are the following on his acting that I have seen, Lovers in Paris, White Valentine etc. Make him appear more on the screen.I am planning to watch Painter of the Wind and what is next….

  36. ruthy Says:

    ..ohw.. its rili unfair to banned hm permanently.. he is such a good and incomparable actor in Korean industry…

  37. ruthy Says:

    .He is really a talented man, he is such a big loss in K showbiz industry. dont make people suffer for not seeing him anymore in tv series or even in big screen, so please folks, continue in fighting for Park, because he is deserving for all our support and great effort.. he is really a hard workng man and very a nice fellow..
    .. anyway, he knows that he done his very best in acting so it is right for him to ask his wage huh, there is a legal contract so our fight for park is also a serious matter…

  38. pinklemonade Says:


    Is it really true that becasuse of what happened PSY decided to just quit the limelight and just be a private citizens instead? i hope its not true. he’s such a great actor and he’s a big loss in the Korean entertainment industry..what they did to him is so UNFAIR and UNETHICAL..PSY contributed a lot to the industry so he deserves some respect. the ban should be lift asap. so count me guys on this petition

  39. lk Says:

    I am not a fan of Park but I find his acting really good. It will be a great lost to loose him FOREVER in the entertainment industry.

    If the sum is what was stated in the contract, it should be followed accordingly. If Park did something against the contract that proves he should not get paid, than Park has to admit the mistake and forgo the payment. I seriously think the association should not ban him without a valid reason.

    There might be some inside stories that we do not know since the production company was ban too. Whatever it is …to ban someone from his livelihood is a too harsh decision.

    I hope the association can give the public an explanation to the whole case and to lift Park from the ban soon!

    Park Shin Yang Fighting!

  40. Mk Says:

    They must be MAD!!! Park Shin Yang is the only actor that make me “glue” to Korean drama!!! Why a perm ban? Its his right to get his pay and I believed its prior agreement on the amt!!!

    1. Janice Says:

      agree with you…

  41. joanne Says:

    I think banning Mr. Park Shin Yang in the entertainment industry is unfair. He didn’t commit such a huge crime for the media to ban him. There are more stars out there who had done a heinous crime but were ignored. They shouldn’t do this. Please be considerate. Please, please, please. Park Shin Yang is one of Korea’s greatest actors and if he will totally vanish in the entertainment industry, it will surely become a great loss. HAve pity on him. Please.

  42. J.B Says:

    I am only 17,but I like Park Shin Yang very much.Now I like to watch Korean Dramas because of the drama “War of money”.I hope we can see him on TV in the future!!!

  43. marine Says:

    i think psy is a very great actor,i love him so much.
    hello,i am come from Taiwan,my English is not good, i just a fan of psy.

  44. marine Says:


  45. lixinai Says:


    We like Park Shin-Yang , we oppose the ban unfair, and we would like to see Park Shin-yang from emerging film and television drama in the future which are Park Shin-yang Let us recognize the Republic of Korea, and his contributions and to pay us are recognized, we should withdraw the ban on unfair! We Support Park Shin-yang !

  46. marine Says:


  47. J.B. Says:

    Does anyone like the drama “War of Money”?I have
    been crazy about it.Although he has’nt showed up on TV,I won’t forget him!!

    1. cb4py Says:

      marine君, 我們要製造更多聲音, 發送更多電郵, 我們要更多人一起帮助解禁朴新陽 – 請加油! 請後天回到本網站查閱4月5日電子郵件行動的詳情! 請幫忙讓更多人了解這網站的工作, 謝謝!

      Dear J.B., I am sure you are not alone – “War of Money” being one of the TV dramas with such high viewer ratings in Korea, many really enjoyed this drama. I personally think the two Parks (Park Shin Yang and Park Jin Hee) of this drama have delivered one of the BEST kiss scenes I’ve ever seen in k-dramas. 🙂

      Together, let’s help to lift the unjust and unfair ban on Park Shin Yang!

      If CODA doesn’t reply us by the 26th (tomorrow), we will launch our email campaign on April 5th. Please check back the day after tomorrow for details!

  48. J.B. Says:

    To cb4py:
    Hello,I have some questions:
    1.What does “CODA” mean?
    2.What can we do for Park Shin Yang?
    “Lovers in Paris” is a great drama,but I like
    “War of Money” better.Do you like it,too?
    Thank you!!

    I miss Park Shin Yang so much…..

    1. cb4py Says:

      Dear J.B.,

      These are my answers to your questions:

      1) CODA is the acronym for Corea Drama Production Association (where many Korean production companies are a member, sometimes referenced as Korea(n) Television Drama Production Company Association (KTDPCA)) ; this is their website’s url:; this is the association whose members voted on Dec 5th, 08 to have this unjust ban imposed on Mr. Park. Chinese media refers it to: 韓國電視劇製作公司協會

      2) There are many things we can do for Mr. Park. Love yourself first then support Mr. Park. 🙂 Study well at school, do well at work place etc. ‘Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’ is group of people trying different things to help. Currently, we are asking supporters in Korea to sign up the active online petition at Daum Agora (link is on the right pane); and for supporters overseas, we send email to CODA, its members and the broadcasting stations to tell them that we want Mr. Park back in the future Korea TV dramas. The coming email date is April 5th. Campaign launch/strike messages are published in the official fansite ( plus some other sites like (Taiwan site). If you understand and agree with the site’s mission and work, you can join us by joining our monthly campaigns, and moreover you can invite those who think alike on this matter to join us. We may try diferent things later – if you have ideas, please let me know!

      And finally regarding the 2 dramas you mentioned, personally I think the characters in these two stories are different. Some may think the character in “Lovers in Paris” is more appealing, and some think the character in “War of Money” draws more sympathy. From portraying a rigid executive tycoon vs a middle-class pushed to his edge of life and rebounded, I appreciate the acting of Mr. Park in both. I think Mr. park gets to express the extreme emotions of human nature more in the latter tho – we should ask if Mr. Park agrees if there’s a chance. 🙂


  49. midblucraze Says:

    a korean friend told me that psy posted a message from one of his daum cafe thanking all his local and overseas fans for all their support regarding the ban. its nice to know that our effort are very much appreciated by Mr Park himself.I terribly miss him.Japanese fans are lucky they will see him again

  50. Thuy Says:

    Hi cb4py,

    First of all, thank you very much for your efforts and your heart put into this campaign. I have always known the name “Park Shin Yang” but I did not watch any of his works until recently. Starting from Painter of the wind, Lovers in Paris then Money Warfare, I immediately fall in love with his diverse, very touching and of course passionate acting. But then I found out that he was banned permanently from future korean dramas with such an absurd reason stated by CODA. I am sad, angry and feel hopeless at the same time since I don’t know what I can do to help his situation. I’m so glad to come across this site and I can ensure you that I will be a loyal part of this campaign until the day his ban is reversed. I will try my best to spread the words as well.

    Shin Yang sshi fighting! Counter ban for PSY fighting !!

  51. wilmonz Says:

    CODA’s action is unconstitutional and inhumane. Do they know the meaning of “Breach of Contract”? The contracting party didn’t honor the term and condition stipulated in the contract, thus, Mr. Park just did what has to be done.

    Banning PSY is a great loss not only to Korean Entertainment Industry but as well as to the Asian World. He is such a fine actor!!!!

    Hope that CODA will reconsider and reverse their decision….. and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  52. Iris Says:

    Hello :

    I am a fan of Mr. Park Shin Yang in Taiwan.

    While I Knew the news of him about he was banned permanently from future korean dramas , I feel so sad, almost cannot trust my eyes . He is the best Ascian actor on my mind . Now I prayer every day just expect he can solve the problem as soon as it possible .

    I do not know how to do him a favor or doing anything for him ,but I was so glad that I can see many fans here so worry about him such like me.

    No matter what will be happen , I just want to say that ” I will always support Mr. Park Shin Yang ” I hope he can gain the last victory.

    Sincerely Iris

    不知道我們的心聲韓國的電視公司能否看得到 ?? 真希望他們可以快點解除這個禁令,如果發這種mail 會有用的話, 我願意發一萬封,真的!! 我想在這裡大聲跟PSY說 : A – ja A – ja Fighting!!加油!!

  53. Iris Says:

    To cb4py :


    (contact hidden by admin)



    一起堅持下去吧!! A – ja A – ja Fighting!!

  54. Iris Says:




  55. 婷雯 Says:


    我是’Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’電子郵件行動的參加者。我身住在(台灣)。


    我再次寫這封信提醒CODA, KBS, MBC, 和SBS電視台,我等著您來扭轉這禁令決定。



    Hello! I am ‘ Counter Ban for Park the Shin Yang’dianzi mail motion participant. My body lives in (Taiwan). This is makes to Mr. Piao Xinyang unfair and the unfair prohibition rule decision 4th month. I write this letter to remind CODA once more, KBS, MBC, with the SBS television station, I waits for you to reverse this prohibition rule decision. We like Piao Xinyang, supports Piao Xinyang. Please treasure him. Please also return to Mr. Piao Xinyang for me. Thanks you!

  56. 婷雯 Says:

    我連接到 時網頁都韓,英文;我”看嘸”吔!

    (email addresses removed by admin)

  57. Caren Says:

    OMG!!!!! you can’t just throw away his life! Everyone loves Mr. Park. Everyone makes mistakes you know…and I do think that he deserves a second chance. His acting made him famous not just in Korea but in Asia…Japanese people loves him…Filipino people loves him…If they could just give him another chance, I know they will not regret it. He’s a great man and a great actor as well. I just can’t believe that you’re doing this to him. It really hurts me a lot to know that this is happening to him. I’m a big fan of him…I was actually looking forward for to see another series that he will be doing, but I waited coz I thought that waiting will keep me watching his series in just one sitting. I thought he already made a lot of series, but I was wrong…

    Please don’t do this to him…I am really sad and affected about this matter…I do hope that they will give him another chance and consideration…

    Our heart belongs to him, and it will always be with him…I hope and pray that this will be over as much as possible…

  58. Caren Says:

    hello again. I just sent my email twice to the emails that was posted, but then, I received a failure notice. I don’t know if you still received my email. But at least I tried. I sent it twice in English and twice in Korean. So that makes it 4…hehehe! I am really willing to help Mr. Park Shin Yang about this matter. Thank you to all my co-supporters.

    I do hope that we can stop this.

    Thank you very much and have a great day.

  59. Caren Says:

    The fans of Park Shin Yang in the Philippines did not knew about the banning of his career. There is no news regarding that matter here in the Philippines. I just knew it when I was searching about his new TV Series in the internet. Please help me spread the news and this campaign about him. Thank you and have a great day.

  60. Iris Says:

    今天我心情真好,因為參加這個行動,而能為PSY出點力讓我覺得幸福,就在寄出mail那一瞬間,我彷彿看到了一線希望,希望我們的堅持能感動他們,Thank you , cb4py .

  61. Caren Says:

    These are the list of the medias in the Philippines…(radio, tv, newspaper, etc…)

  62. ani Says:

    Hi, every one.(my English isn’t good.)

    I’m one of Mr.park Shin Yang’s fan in Thailand.
    I just see this site today and want to support him.
    When I here news about banned Mr.Park Shin Yang I think “Where is justness?,Didn’t they have a contract?”.

    His act is the best.
    I hope he will come back in the future.

    We(PSY’s fan in Thailand)miss him and wait for him.We will always support him.

  63. J.B. Says:

    To cb4py:
    I am here tonight!!
    I am usually busy,so I may not join the monthly campaigns.I am sorry.And I think fewer people of my age like him.My good friend even doesn’t know Mr. Park.

    I will study hard to enter a good university.
    If I am free,I will be here,too.

    Are you from Taiwan?

  64. :) Says:

    please leave a message here about the banning of Park Shin yang. Thanks again..

    I think they still don’t know anything about it.

    1. cb4py Says:

      Thank you 🙂
      This looks like a Filipino forum, yes? I have added a post there. Thank you for your tip! Fighting!

  65. Yong Says:

    Dear cb4py,

    Taiwan is broadcasting Painter of the Wind now, would it be a good idea to include the link to view the positive comments and acknowledgement from Taiwanese fans for Mr. Park in your next letter to the Korean Production Company Association?


  66. Lisa Says:

    Dear cb4py,

    Thanks for your kindness. :]
    I’m Mr.Park’s fan in Taiwan, he is the most professional actor I’ve ever known!
    Hoping that we can get his good news soon.
    I believe that flowers will bloom gratefully after chilly winter. 🙂

    Best wishes.

  67. wilmonz Says:

    hello!!! check this out: if you haven’t done so. i’m pretty sure this website will facilitate in spreading our cause.

    have a safe Easter weekend!!!

  68. J.B. Says:

    I don’t know where the “psy4u” is.
    Are there a lot of fans of Mr. Park in Canada,
    the USA,Japan,and Europe?
    Thank you for your kindness and pationce!!

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello J.B., this is the url for psy4u (Chinese (traditional font type)) :

      Mr. Park has many fans in Japan – that I know for sure. 🙂

  69. lvazdrma Says:

    Lift the ban! Why didn’t they ban Bae Yoon Joon when he ask and got huge amounts of money? Is the entertainment industry run by the crime leads in Korea, Ktdpca? Why aren’t actors, directors, producers and the TV channels screaming their heads off about this unfair practice. Are they afraid of the power that be? Who are they going to ban next? Are you next?

  70. Hitorigurashi Says:

    Mr. Park Shin Yang is one of the most talented actors i have ever watched. Ever since i’ve seen him in Lovers in Paris, i traced and watched all his other works and whatever character he had to play, he’s truly excellent. It would be a pity if such great talent would just go to waste.
    What are these guys thinking?!They should nurture such talents instead of bringing the likes of PSY down.
    Here’s sincerely hoping that this matter will be resolved in PSY’s favor soon.

  71. J.B. Says:

    I am preparing for the tests these days.If I have any good ideas,I will tell you.

  72. J.B. Says:

    Do we do the same for Mr. Park in every campaign?I am a little confused.Can you tell me all the details?
    I feel sorry about it.

  73. Wonjyunyung Says:

    In most Commonwealth countries, “restraint of trade” is deemed illegal and damaging to the second party.

    If remuneration is the issue, the association should not enter as they are the 3rd party and it would complicate issues.

    The remuneration issue should be left settled between Park Shin Yang and the filming company. If the remuneration discussed is too high since in today’s poor economic situation globally, arbitration should be settled as soon as possible. It is a sad thing that the remuneration for extension episodes may not be included in the contract. But at least be fair enough to provide proper remuneration for Park Shin Yang. E.g. referring to his previous contracts of his extension episodes remuneration and looking into his current popularity and his market value in today’s context.


  74. Wonjyunyung Says:

    P.S If the CDPA wants to punish someone, a temporary ban like half year would suffice, it should not be a lifetime ban.

  75. Ruthy Says:

    .He did not deserved the ban, because he really do his best in finishing the drama.
    He is really an incomparable actor, a man of all sorts, very down to earth actor.
    an indeed professional actor and breath-taking man. please don’t let this banning issue will defeat the rights of our prince, please keep on supporting him because he is such a big loss.

    1. Ruthy Says:

      heheh.. tnx for the warm wlc0me, of corz, im bak in order to support my psy.

  76. ryma Says:

    Wat the heck was that???? Ofcourse he dont deserve it! if i could only do something for him i wouldnt hesitate..

    …I pray that this thing, that make us and PYS suffer will gone..

    ,im fom philippine, if theres something i can do please ask me,..i wanna help Everybody.

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello Irene and ryma, thank you for joining force with us here! Please join the May Email Campaign on May 5th! Thanks.

      ryma, how did you find us here please, may I ask? I have left messages at a couple portals in Philippines; not sure which work. If you have k-drama forums / blogs that you visit often, please help spread the counter ban news. Thanks!

  77. […] help lift this ban, please join the Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang.   […]

  78. Yong Says:

    I am here to share Good News with supporters of Mr Park! Today, 8th of May, it was announced through Daum news that Mr Park has won the lawsuit with the Production Company who owed him wages since completion of “War of Money”.

    Let us continue to support Mr Park in prayers and in actions! We want to see him in quality films and dramas very very soon!

  79. […] Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’s updates for links to news […]

  80. cookie58 Says:

    Please dont kill a great actor.

  81. meh Says:

    Well just saw the news that the association refuses to budge. What bullies. PSY should stop wasting his time with the fools, just go work with people outside this “mainstream” of gangsters. there are still movie people, indie people, fresh graduates looking to break into film, etc. Lots of K-actors are going to Hollywood too, even the non-A-listers you don’t hear about very much. PSY won’t be out of work if he looks at less “traditional” places.

    1. meh Says:

      Hi cb4py,
      I read it at a lengthy thread here:

      A search on today’s Nate produced some familiar details:

      — the company he sued is appealing the decision (“WTF”, excuse my language):

      — PSY says on his website he tried negotiating tens of times (before advancing to lawsuit, perhaps?)

      Anyway, it’s all very ugly and sad. I hope PSY puts it on the back-burner and come back even if in a small project. He’s done them before, just so the public can see a different side of him: the actor who acts 🙂

  82. J.B. Says:

    I am here tonight!
    The final exam is coming soon.I failed last time,but I will study harder for improvement!
    Fighting!Mr. Park

  83. J.B. Says:

    I am afraid we will not see Mr. Park anymore.
    I think we can take better and more positive action…..
    Is it true that he won the lawsuit?

  84. waytoi/psy Says:

    yes we agree to stop from banning Mr. park shin yang..b.coz he’s such a great actor,we’v watch he’s latest tv series money war,we hope that we will see him more of his show..

    where is mr.psy now???more power 2 his career..thanks..

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello waytoi/psy, where Mr. Park is now – I don’t know for sure. He has been invited as a guest lecturer in New York Institution of Technology (NYIT) to teach “Master Acting and Directing” with Professor Bruce Baek every Monday starting mid-Sept till mid-Dec 2009. If you live in New York / Manhattan, you may run into Mr. Park!


  85. Krylo Says:

    hey!! let me join in that campaign too!! I’m also from the Philippines!! I may not do much but please add me to many people who wants to see Park Shin-Yang doing dramas again…

    I’ll pray hard so that God will be on his side and on our side this time and make CODA lift the ban…. God can do wonders!!

    We all miss him so much!!

    Keep fighting guys!! Aja!! ^_^

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello Krylo, please join us on June 5th to send CODA your email (!


      1. Krylo Says:

        how will I do that? can you give me instructions! thanks!!

  86. anna Says:

    Haloo all..i also want to join the campaign..
    PSY is the best actor..especially LOVER IN PARIS..he make me cry alots..huhuhu..
    hope to see him acting again with TAE YUNG…
    please dont ban him..pleazzzz…..
    fan from Brunei..

    1. cb4py Says:

      anna, welcome and thanks for joining the counter ban force!

  87. irma Says:

    hi! how to help and join!?

    i want to see him do what he does best. bring happiness and that extra feeling to others when they watch him act or sing,well actually both. he is trully extra ordinary in his line of work.

    i fully support this, they should lift the ban!


  88. J.B. Says:

    It seems that there are fewer and fewer people visiting here.
    Do we do the same things continuously?I think
    our actions are ignored by the CODA.

  89. Yong Says:

    To All Supporters of Park Shin Yang,

    There is a voting exercise for Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 at

    Vote for Park Shin Yang as the Best Actor and Painter of the Wind as the Best Drama if you genuinely feel that way!


    1. cb4py Says:

      Thanks for the news and link, Yong! I’ve posted the link to PSY4U (Taiwan’s fan site). Fighting!

      ** Remember to vote on all 3 categories – best drama, best actor and best actress to make your votes count **

      1. Yong Says:

        Thanks very much! It’s very competitive, I pray that Park Shin Yang will soar like the eagle!

  90. J.B. Says:

    It seems that there are fewer and fewer people visiting here.
    Do we do the same things continuously?I think
    our actions are ignored by the CODA.

  91. abril Says:

    hi all,

    someone told me about this and i am so happy i found you. i belong to a site for a korean actress and this is the same website who is now creating a website for psy.

    it is still under construction but before this month ends, i promise you it will be ready.

    regarding the seoul drama awards 2009, i have asked everyone who is a fan or who is not a fan but feels that psy should be back to acting to please vote on line. he needs our help for sure.

    others might wonder why make a website for him now when he is not as visible as before. others might also say his days are over..again why now. all i can say is, psy is down but is not out in this game!

    i will return later to invite you to come and join us at psy’s new fan site.

    take care,

    1. cb4py Says:

      Wonderful news, abril! PSY is definitely not out – he may be confined, but he has been continuously contributing to the performance arts industry in all ways. He will be back. With more power joining hands, he will be back sooner – we await your invitation again.

      PSY fighting!

  92. abril Says:

    for sure , for sure, will send you an invite. psy is so multitalented. we simply love him as an actor and as a person as well.

    psy’s new fan site would like to send psy something but we dont know where to send this to. would you happen to know? thanks.

    please send address to my email and thanks again.

  93. J Says:

    I just discovered this site and I was really surprised. I heard about the whole incident with Park Shin Yang a while back, and I was curious if it was settled or not. I am currently watching a re-run of painter of the wind on SBS and I really miss his acting 😦 I’m glad that there is a campaign to help him.

    1. cb4py Says:

      HI J, Once a month on the 5th – we join hands to help lift his ban – fighting!

  94. Yong Says:

    Just to encourage all who are supporting Park Shin Yang in his acting career, I have been putting in my vote for him everyday! He is an artiste whom I miss and want to see more! Really want to see more of Park Shin Yang in films, dramas, plays, musical………!!!

  95. Cindy Says:

    i just ran across this site and i’m really glad someone is doing something to help PSY. I hope the goal will be achieved, and never give up!

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello Cindy, we can’t just let such a great actor be wasted like this! Fighting! Please go to SDA 2009 site and vote – just one more week; thanks!!

      Thx Yong for your encouragement!!

      1. Yong Says:

        Let’s us vote for Park Shin Yang!

  96. Effie Says:

    I’m so upset about this whole situation, I really wish he would come back to acting!! I don’t think the korean entertainment industry fully realizes the loss on their end. And to think the whole time I thought the sole purpose of the entertainment industry was to bring joy and well… entertainment to the consumers.

    1. cb4py Says:

      I want him in the drama world. He deserves more respect than this absurd ban, really.

  97. Yong Says:

    Tomorrow, Aug 31st 2009 is your last chance to show your support for Park Shin Yang through your vote for him at Seoul Drama Awards 2009:

    Let’s do it now!


  98. Yong Says:

    It’s today Aug 30th ( by Mid-nite Korean time), not 31st for your vote to support Park Shin Yang at Seoul Drama Award! Vote now!

    1. cb4py Says:

      I am happy he’s nominated; any result is good. Thanks Yong! 🙂

  99. June Says:

    Support PSY!!!!

    He is a man of good talent. It’s a waste to ban him. A contract is sign under both parties mutual agreement. PSY got all the rights to sue the company for late payment otherwise what is a contract for??

    It’s really very unfair to ban an actor like that. Korea entertainment industry should like how to appreciate good artists. This will let them go further.

    Hope the banned to PSY will drop soon. I really missed his acting. He is the first korean actor that I truly look upon. Great acting skills.


  100. J.B. Says:

    To cb4py:
    What should we do now?Just join the campaign?
    Is our action ignored by the CODA?

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hi J.B.,
      Supporting the K-drama industry, supporting Park Shin Yang, keeping the campaigns going are about the couple things I can think of; the korean media has been kept in the loop every month. It’s important to let CODA, the broadcasting stations and the k-media know that Park Shin Yang is in many’s mind.

  101. Roberta Lim Says:

    i feel so bad about the ban on Park Shin Yang, he is one of our favorite Korean actors here in Sacramento, Ca, USA. I hope that this injustice to him will be settled soon. He has done a lot of good for your Country, South Korea, so please release this ban on him. We want to see more of his films/dramas. Thank you for your kind consideration.

    1. cb4py Says:

      Roberta, I invite you to join our email campaign – send your thoughts to CODA, CODA members and the broadcasting stations – get them to reverse PSY’s ban! Thank you!!

  102. Yong Says:

    I am here to share good news! Mr Park will be holding a fan meeting on his birthday on Nov 11 at Hyatt, Seoul! We hope to see his new work on film and drama very very soon!



    1. cb4py Says:

      Nov 1st (not Nov 11) 🙂

      1. Yong Says:

        Yes, Nov 1st! Sorry for the typo! All the very best to Mr Park on this special day with his fans!



  103. LindeB Says:

    l hope this is not too late. l have just seen Lovers in Paris and l’m so impressed in Mr. PSY’s acting ability. He’s a wonderful actor. l’m planning to buy all the DVDs he’s starring in. What a waste of talent if they ban him from performing forever. Let him be!!

    1. cb4py Says:

      You’re not late, LindeB – the coming campaign is Oct 5th – please join and bring more to join us!

  104. peter Says:

    he is a great artist and they cant just ban him like that!!!

    1. cb4py Says:

      peter, thanks for telling them so – aja!

  105. Jiao Says:

    He is a good actor. Like the story of Painter of wind, the Mentor protect and appreciate a good student.

    I hope that they will reconsider the action taken against PSY. At least, see the merit that he had contributed in the Korea entertainment industry.

    It’s a waste to ban him. Hope the banned to PSY will be lifted soon.

    PSY : Be strong and tommorrow will be a better day for you.

    From Singapore

  106. Jiao Says:

    hi cb4py

    The fan meeting in Hyatt seoul on 1th Nov 2009.Where to get more information/ details regarding this event ( such as need to pay/ where to pay and etc). Never join this type of fan meeting befoer. Tot of flying over to korea to watch.

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello Jiao,

      I’ll reply to your email.

  107. Sheryl Says:

    I love Park Shin Yang! His acting is Awesome! Bring him back! We want more of his appearances in Korean series and films!

    1. cb4py Says:

      May our dreams come true soon!

  108. oat Says:

    I hate person who are ban park shin yang
    I alway suppose him return act a series and the movie again

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hi oat, your anger is understood. We all hope to see him in drama / movie again soon. Fighting!

  109. Caroline Says:

    Banning a guy who can bring more money by acting in more shows, what kinda mind do they have? The fact that the court has ruled PSY win over the case, obviously the contract was legally binding – they still have the nerve to appeal and claim PSY in the wrong? Plain stupid, a person as talented and dedicated as PSY will still be recognised and taken elsewhere – heard that he is doing something else while the ban is on?

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hi Caroline,

      PSY is lecturing at NYIT with Prof. Baek as a guest lecturer with a group of eager class for a Master-level course till Dec 2009. Please continue to support PSY. Thanks.

  110. Caroline Says:

    I wanna join the campaign to support the uplifting ban for PSY, but not sure whether if I should wait till 5 Oct to send out the email?

    How can we bring in more people to support this campaign? Actually doesn’t have to be PSY fan but those who think this is an unjust action against a talented and dedicated actor who has been producing good work!

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hi Caroline,
      Sending the email on the 5th is just symbolic (coz this ban was announced on Dec 5th and it makes organizing / participating the campaigns more organized); however, feel free to send your email earlier when the monthly email addresses for use are posted.
      Please bring more people to join us! Fighting for PSY together! Thanks!

  111. bebo Says:

    I’m a big fan of Park Shin Yang, he’s a greatly talented actor, I’m from Egypt, he has some fans from here too, I’m interested in movies and drams in general but once I started watching PSY works he easily became my most favourite actor,. I was shocked to know about the unjust banning since he isn’t only loved in Korea but also he has many fans worldwide, I wish this could change soon, the Korean drama will miss a lot without him, I wish I could do anything to support him.

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello bebo (and hello Egypt), fans and supporters of PSY really miss him. I invite you to personally send your email to CODA, its members and the broadcasting stations and tell them how much you want PSY back in dramas. Please join the monthly email campaign until this ban is reversed. Thanks.

  112. chelz Says:

    I still cannot understand the unjustified and crooked mind of those money-loving producers. That’s why love of money is the root of all evil.

    Park Shin Yang didn’t do anything wrong. A contract is still a contract.


    1. cb4py Says:

      Thx for the power boost for PSY – 3x the SUPPORT – FIGHTING!

  113. Emee Scire Says:

    It’s a big loss for the Korean film industry to ban such a great actor. I’m from the US and I am really shocked and appalled of the treatment PSY have received. They need to uplift the ban.

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hi Emee Scire,

      Pls just let me clarify a bit: PSY is banned by CODA which is the association of where many Korean major drama production companies are a member of. This association requests its members not to have future dramas produced with Park. It also influences the 3 major broadcasting companies not to air Park’s future dramas. CODA does not have direct influence over movie / film production companies. That said, if Park is not seen on TV long enough, the decrease in popularity perception may hold film investers off in casting Park in new movies.

      This ban definitely needs to be lifted. Pls join us for the next campaign – Nov 5th! Fighting!

      1. Emee Says:

        Thanks for the clarification, I wanted to sign up for the November campaign but I’m having a hard time following the email format.

      2. cb4py Says:

        Hello Emee,

        You can just keep the English version if the rest of the content is too confusing (from,
        (change “Canada” to where you live in the email, and add your name)
        and pick up the email addresses before Nov 5th (from
        and on Nov 5th, use your personal email account and send that English email to the addresses.

        Does that help?

      3. Emee Says:

        Yes, however the email addresses are no showing up, it says, to check it back on November 1st?

      4. cb4py Says:

        Yes Emee, pls check back on Nov 1st for email addresses (they will only be published a few days before the 5th monthly); thanks.

  114. Kez Says:

    I support this campaign! I wanna see PSY projects in the future!

    1. cb4py Says:

      Thank you – thank you!

  115. chemerf Says:

    OMG. Good thing I did a Lovers in Paris marathon over the weekend which brough back my love for this great, very talented actor.

    I am supporting this and will encourage my friends to sign up!

    Love from the Philippines,

    1. cb4py Says:

      Love from Canada, and all over the world! Thanks chermerf!

  116. Emee Says:

    Alright, thanks :).

  117. abril Says:

    hi all,

    this is abril..i am back to give you the website on PSY we recently opened. the site is in english and is purely dedicated to PSY.

    here it goes- you will love the site. please join us and do invite your friends as well.

    cb4py, please post whatever information you’d like to post in our site about PSY and the ban thingy ok?

    all, please check our new site.

    also, i emailed NYIT since i used to live in new york city many many years and NYIT does not seem to know anything about PSY and Professor Baek.

    is this event a go or not? i was planning on being in New York for a few days beginning of December to attend this seminar or dine at the restaurant where it was set to be held , in case this is not open to non students.

    we have several registered members now so by posting in, we can recruit more fans for this lift the ban on PSY.


    1. ss07 Says:

      we would like to give you a direct link to our site…

      here is the direct link to our website. come join us!

      I’m also curious what happen to this post, it was posted behind instead it should be in the last..^^

  118. abril Says:

    hi cb4py,
    i just posted today oct 25 and i see my post located before oct 19 other messages. isnt this weird? i just don’t want you to miss my message ok? regards.

    1. cb4py Says:

      yes I see your comment. 🙂

  119. abril Says:

    me again,

    i inquired about the lecture of psy in new york and i was told that he will not be back as a guest in the acting and directing course as he is back in korea now. i was told that it is because of an unplanned work…wonder what it could be but good for him!

    he was there as a guest at NYIT in september though.

    too bad, i will not be able to meet him.

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello abril and ss07, thanks for the new site. All the best!

      abril, I haven’t heard about the unplanned work, but for whatever it is, it must be pretty significant. Whom in NYIT gave you this information that he won’t be teaching due to unplanned work, may I ask please? CAn you forward that email to my email account please?

      Must feel “sop sop pae” not being about to meet with PSY in person… for me, knowing that he’s doing good is already enough. 🙂

      p.s. not sure why the NYIT contact previously answered that they didn’t know about Prof Bruce Baek…

  120. abril Says:

    hi, please email me so we can chat better about this NYIT matter. thanks.

  121. abril Says:

    hello again,

    they know who professor baek is at NYIT. it was the other person i mentioned to them who they did not know about. but it is clear now. psy wont be there to be a guest because he is back in his hometown.i hope he has something going on in seoul. the guy is a good person. he just did what he thought was fair for him and his family. he deserves a break.

  122. abril Says:

    hello everyone! come see the birthday and fan meeting pictures of PSY. go to then click on events and there you will see the one and only PSY! he still looks very young for his age. you have to register though. see yah!

  123. Yong Says:

    Dear Friends of Park Shin Yang,

    A new song sang by Mr Park, “Give me Love” for the OST of Korean movie “Flight” can now be heard at
    Mr Park will be releasing a new album early next year. Let us give him our support!

    1. cb4py Says:

      Thanks for the great news, Yong!

  124. abril Says:

    hi jeanne, how art thou?

    i will be emailing you a campaign letter for CODA from a very loyal PSY fan from our PSY site. every month we will try to write a short letter of support for psy. happy thanksgiving all!

    1. cb4py Says:

      Happy Thanksgiving, abril and fans in the States! Please send that letter over!

  125. oma Says:

    I’m one person in Thailand who love PSY the most. I’ve just seen ‘Painter of the wind’. He is the great actor. I will fully support him forever. Waiting to see him soon

    1. cb4py Says:

      Welcome oma, thanks for your support – let’s bring more to show more support to PSY from around the world!

  126. narcissus Says:

    Hi Jeanne & to all PSY fans,
    I can’t believe it’s a year now and the ban is still On !! That’s too much of them and anyway we still hope for the best,don’t we??
    Even though I didn’t have the chance your email campaign every month nor checked your website everyday,whenever 5th day of every month comes, you and psy will pop up in my mind!!So this day automatically becomes my PSY day, let’s celebrate today especially for psy and all of us!!

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hi narcissus,
      Thanks for your support to PSY – let’s keep fighting till the end of the ban.
      Aja aja!

  127. CLAUDIA Says:



  128. grace Says:

    Hi, i jz join PSY fan web site. Heard that he will releasing new album in the early year, cant wait to hear his new album. Never give up is his spirit. Always support him and hope to hear more from him.

  129. Areej - Saudi Arabia Says:

    I am a big fan of him

    I hope to see him soon in a new drama

  130. aj Says:

    i hope this korean drama association will soon lift the ban on psy… he is such a great actor & we are looking forward to watch him in a new drama series.. aja!

  131. al mae Says:

    hello psy fans

    just keep on sending ur mail atleast thru this we showed our support to park shin yang…psy fyt…:)

  132. ledpelaro Says:

    I am 100% against his management and the entire korean entertainment management that banned PSY. He is a GREAT loss and an actor that always give his best and portray his character in a natural way. I really love him in Money Warfare and he truly deserved to be paid that huge amount as what was written in the contract, since the drama consistently hit the first rating.Nonetheless, he’s return will be a doom to his former managment coz we truly believe in PSY acting career and charisma and we will give all our support to PSY beyond expectations.

    Looking forward to see him alive and kicking and PSY come back with a vengeance. FIGHTING!

    1. cb4py Says:

      Hello ledpelaro, thanks for your support to fight PSY’s ban. I want to clarify that Park is managed by his own agency, not by other third-party management company per my understanding. This unjust ban is imposed on Park by the CODA which is an association of (some 20+ major Korean) drama production companies, not by his management company. PSY fighting!!

  133. abril Says:


    psy’s twitter account has given us fans a way of finding out what he is up to. we get updates and we do hear from him quite often. thanks PSY!!
    guess his fan meeting recently was a success!

  134. abril Says:

    guess recent fan meet was a huge sucess! PSY’s twitter has given his fans a way of knowing what he has been up to! we support you all the way PSY.

    we all are aware that he is a talented and charismatic person. it is all up to CODA to lift the ban and for us to see him acting again!!!!

    CODA , are you listening????

  135. […] age of 33 – I’ll pray for the bereaved family and friends;  and I’ll continue to support Park Shin Yang, until the day he returns to the k-drama […]

  136. chuan Says:

    We like Park Shin-Yang , we oppose the ban unfair, and we would like to see Park Shin-yang from emerging film and television drama in the future which are Park Shin-yang Let us recognize the Republic of Korea, and his contributions and to pay us are recognized, we should withdraw the ban on unfair! We Support Park Shin-yang !

    1. cb4py Says:

      More support to PSY – thanks!

  137. Judy Says:

    Strongly request to lift up the ban!!!!! We love PSY’s acting so much and it’s been 2 years that we’ve lost the sight of his acting. There is no other actor is comparable to him. He is so good and his image can attract the viewers strongly. His appearance in the screen is so entertaining. Don’t you think it is a WASTE to loose such talent? Please pull PSY’s back to the screen!!!
    We indeed support PSY!!! The truth will reveal. You have done nothing wrong!!!.

  138. Janice Says:

    always support Park Shin Yang, he is a good actor.

  139. dorothy Says:

    Hello. I knew that Park Shin Yang ssi participates in a new plan and that photography starts from November. His birthday is to say November, so Jack of media is planned. It takes a word as Park Shin Yang on and is simultaneous on his birthday,” twitter”. How is it?

    1. cb4py Says:

      Yes dorothy – thanks for your update! I have added this come-back news in this month’s update.

  140. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by dorothy, dorothy. dorothy said: Park Shin Yang ssi メディアジャック進行中 no.139 […]

  141. Aquamarine Says:

    They paid back Park Shin Yang like that?

    How cruel this world is.

    Even though there’s the problem, Park Shin Yang had produced profit at least for some of them.

    How could they be like that?

    It’s too cruel.

    If you happen to read this, Mr.Park,

    I want to say I love your acting.
    I love your smile.
    You’re my most favorite actor.

    May God bless you.
    Believe that even though life turns to be a roller coaster, God still loves His humans.
    For He wants us to see clearer beneath everything.

    Stay strong.

    1. cb4py Says:

      Waiting to catch his come-back drama “Sign” eagerly.

      Feel free to leave messages for Mr. Park at his official fan site:


  142. gail delatorre sual Says:

    Go park shin yang I know that you can do your best! You are a great actor and have faith in god! God will help you. Go Park Shin Yang . Philippines loves you so much.

  143. Mam Apinya Says:

    I ♡ Park Shin Yang! Lift that unjust ban asap!

  144. […] Interested netizens are trying to raise interest in this situation and have created a website devoted to trying to persuade others to lend their voices to the protest. For more information, click here. […]

  145. Ice Says:

    I will always support Park shin yang!! Thai fans would like to watch Park shin yang series on TV because he is a good actor, good looking and he is a nice guy. We love him so much. ❤

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